Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts
Parents & Student Handbook



Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don’t want to miss a day! They come in with a smile and leave humming the tune to a Hebrew song. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism… and then imagine the pride of their parents!

Our goal is to provide Jewish children with an education that instills Jewish pride, conveys a meaningful and relevant understanding of Jewish life and Jewish history, and teaches Hebrew Language reading and writing.
We strive to provide a basis in which to enable our children to grow into warm and informed adults who will positively shape our communities in years to come.
In this booklet you will find all the necessary details for the upcoming year of Hebrew School .

Welcome to Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts!

We are pleased that you have chosen Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts for your child’s education.  We will do everything in our power to make sure that your family’s Hebrew School experience will be enjoyable and inspiring, as well as provide warm memories for a lifetime. 




Throughout this curriculum, students will be introduced to important events in Shemot (Exodus), beginning with our slavery in Egypt and through a forty year journey to becoming a nation and receiving the Torah. Students will know their Jewish story and strongly feel their part in it. With a pride in their ancestors, they will be confident and equipped to live their lives as proud Jews.


Each class is broken into two parts:

Part 1: An interactive way to tell the story. 

Part 2: A hands-on activity where the kids continue learning the story or internalize the message. 


Through engaging and fresh activities, your child will sense that Jewish history isn’t just something of the past. Students will perceive that this is their story and feel confident and responsible to live an active life portraying the values taught by our ancestors.


The curriculum is designed to generate a positive change in children by encouraging them to integrate Torah and Mitzvot into their lives. Through focused lesson goals and repeated application, the children will gain real skills and will be able to effect a genuine change in their lives. The curriculum offers timeless lessons and ways to integrate the knowledge children need to practically implement the skill. Children will have the passion and knowledge to live Jewishly, by internalizing the lessons and skills they learn.  Upon completion of this course the student will have created a method to integrate Torah, Mitzvot and Jewish Holidays into their lives and developed methods to create change in the world around them.

Areas of academic emphasis include:

  1. Jewish History

  2. Hebrew reading and vocabulary

  3. Holidays and traditions

  4. Culture and current events

This course engages children in discovering the higher purpose of everyday lifestyle, and gives them the tools to practically implement their inspiration.



Our school is blessed with a staff of professional and dedicated individuals.  Each staff member spends hours planning lessons and designing creative methods to infuse fun and excitement into the program.  They are deeply concerned about the progress of each individual student and are always glad to spend time discussing your child’s progress with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, should any concern or issue arise.


School Hours

Class begins promptly every Sunday at 9:30am.  Please be sure that your child arrives on time. Hebrew School ends at 11:30 am.
If you will be more than 10 minutes late for pick-up, please notify us at 862-324-5077


Tuition fees will be billed and should be paid on time.  Prompt attention to tuition fees is necessary as we depend on these funds for operation.



The first step in the right direction is for parents and children to recognize that attendance is the key to a successful Hebrew School. It’s important to show our children that Judaic studies are valued and are an integral part of their week. Parents should try to schedule all appointments, enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities around Hebrew School.  If you know in advance that your child will be missing a Sunday, please let us know the Thursday before.

Snow Days & Cancellations

In the event that Hebrew School should be canceled whether due to snow or unforeseen circumstances, you will receive an email by 8:00 am Sunday morning notifying you about the cancelation.  .

Students are provided with snacks during Hebrew School.  If your child is allergic to any food or beverages, please make sure that it is written down on his or her medical form. 

Tzedakah & Mitzvah Notes

Parents are requested to send in a coin or two each week so their child can give Tzedakah during class. This applies to all students in grades K-7.  Parents of children in grades K-2 are asked to please send a “Mitzvah Note” to Hebrew School each week.  A Mitzvah Note is a small note from the parents relating something positive their child has done throughout the course of the week.



iPhones or electronic games should not be brought to Hebrew School, as they can distract from learning.  If your child has a phone, please speak with your child about leaving it at home during Hebrew School.


Bagels & Coffee

Periodically at pick-up parents are welcome to enjoy fresh bagels and coffee, compliments of Hebrew School. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members of the community.


Holiday Programs

Throughout the course of the year, we will celebrate the Jewish holidays in Hebrew School. Parents are
encouraged to attend and participate in all Hebrew School holiday celebrations. 

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out.


Ita Leaf
[email protected]

Rabbi Yaacov Leaf
[email protected]