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  • Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year for children ages 5 -12

    Welcome to our registration page. Thank you for considering Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts for your child/ren. Our goal is to make Jewish education available to every Jewish child.

    Chabad Hebrew School of the Arts does not require any synagogue membership fees, and we try to make it as low-cost as possible. 

    Note: When you register below, it will sum up the total for the entire tuition, but it won't charge it, unless you select the "pay in full today" option. All that will be required to register today is the $50 registration fee per child. Tuition will be charged/billed later as per your choice below. There are need-based scholarships available (see below).

    If you have any questions filing out this form please call us at 862-252-5666, or e-mail, [email protected] 

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  • Emergency Information

  • Medical Emergencies

    I authorize the director or director's designee to seek appropriate medical care for my child/children, if necessary.
  • Tuition Information

    Chabad Hebrew School Tuition is $800 per child - with a sibling discount of $50. The $50 registration fee goes towards the tuition balance
  • Payment Options

    Only registration fee of $50 due today to reserve your spot. For the remainder you have several options:
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    Paypal has been selected. Payment will take place on the next page.
  • Enrollment Agreement

    To enroll your child(ren) in Chabad Hebrew School, all forms must be completed and sent in to the school. Your application will not be processed without the required forms. Enrollment is considered to be for the entire scholastic year. There will be no refunds even if the child is absent due to illness, holidays, vacations, and snow days, or should the parents decide to withdraw the child from the program. DISPOSITION: The parent acknowledges that Chabad Hebrew School serves children who are able to function successfully in a group setting. If in the judgment of the school's Director, the child is not able to function in a group setting, the parent may be asked to withdraw the child. In the event that the parent is requested to withdraw the child, the director will work with the parent to identify possible alternative programs suitable for the child. RELEASE OF INFORMATION AND PHOTOGRAPHS: Parents allow for child(ren)'s picture to be used for internal PR mailing and website where name is not given. Parents allow for child(ren)'s photograph/name released to newspapers where the last name will not be given. If not, please contact us. By submitting and initialing this form, parents accept the terms outlined above. Both parents must initial.
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  • Medical Agreement

    In case of medical emergency requiring immediate emergency care, I authorize the paramedics to take my child to the nearest hospital if necessary. It is understood that I will hold Chabad Hebrew School of Montclair harmless for the nature and outcome of any emergency medical treatment. It is also understood that I leave the decision of what constitutes an emergency to the sole direction of the staff (please Initial)
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